PRESS RELEASE: EV Mississippi Specialty Plate Approved by Legislature


EV Mississippi, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization advocating for the support of hybrid and electric vehicles, is pleased to announce the passing of Senate Bill 2288 authorizing the issuance of various distinctive motor vehicle license plates – including a design for supporters of electric and hybrid vehicles in Mississippi.

EV Mississippi Specialty Tag

For every EV Mississippi tag issued, a portion of the proceeds is returned to the EV Mississippi organization. All funds raised through the issuance of EV Mississippi specialty tags will be used for critical programs and initiatives impacting the hybrid and electric vehicles throughout the state with a primary focus on infrastructure and public education.

In order to have the plates available by the January print date, we must collect 300 applications for the plates by October 15, 2020. If we are unable to meet the October 15 deadline, the next deadline will be in May of 2021 for availability the following July. As an incentive, a generous donation has been made in order to cover the specialty plate fees of the first 300 applicants. This means the specialty plate fee of $33 is FREE for the first year for the first 300 applicants.

You do not need to own an electric or hybrid vehicle in order to display this tag. You may show your support for electric and hybrid vehicles on any vehicle you own. Your support will contribute to developing Mississippi’s infrastructure for the future of transportation.

Anyone interested may request an application by sending an email to If you are able to digitally sign the application, you can complete the form electronically and email it back to us. If you are unable to digitally sign the application, you can print and mail the form to us at the address noted at the top of this press release.

You may also text your email or mailing address to 601-759-EVMS (3867) and request an application. Again, no money will need to be sent as the specialty tag fee will be paid for by the organization thanks to a generous contribution.

For additional information please contact EV Mississippi via email at